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Spice grinder

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I have been wanting a spice grinder for a while. This one is a coffee grinder but does the same thing. The grinding cup comes off for easy cleaning. To test is out I ground up a nutmeg seed. Worked great.

Purchased off Amazon. Has good reviews and is the number one grinder sold.

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Nice, Case. I got a Cuisinart version. 2 actually. One for coffee, one for spices. Surprised you never had one before.

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Nice Q toy addition Case ! icon14.gif
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Looks nice. As much as you cook I too am surprised this is a first purchase. :icon_eek: I have had a cheapy my MIL was not using for 27 years and a Cuisinart unit for 5, easier to clean with removable cups...JJ

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Yeah I've made do with mortar and pestle all these years!
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You, will be happy with your EPICA grinder. Mine does double duty on spices and coffee. The removable cup is great..  Jted

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Great score Case!


We have a couple of them, had them for years, they last a lifetime.


The burr grinder is the best one.



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I bought the KRUPS for $17.  Works great and a good brand so hopefully it lasts.


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I'll give it an official test this weekend. Picked up 20 pounds of boneless pork butt so I'm going to need some spices!

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