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Beer Brined heaven

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This had to be the most flavorful chicken I've ever eaten. Thanks to for amazing recipes. I'm not much on artistic side of cooking so I just follow recipes. Guess I'm scared to step out. Anyway....

Brine 3.5 hours with Jeff's rub and Shiner Bock beer

Downsized the fire pit with firebrick for the shorter cook time. Pecan chunks for smoke.

Shake n Bake bag with Jeff's rub makes them so pretty!

IT of 165℉ in the breast I glazed and let them finish while I put the side dishes together. I like simple sides so not too detract from that golden/charred bundle of love I was about to tear apart. After an hour and a half at around 270℉ this beauty came out. It was amazing.

I've learned more about patience from smoking than I ever did from raising kids. This site kicks ass. Still deciding on the next "project". Whatever it is, I'm sure I won't be disappointed.
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Tasty looks my chicken. Nice smoke!

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Great job!


Great looking meal!





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