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So I was browsing the old Facebook one day and someone local posted a add for a Meat Slicer for $200 bucks.

So I call and talk to the guy and found out that it's a Univex 4510 10" slicer.

Looking in the wallet I actually had some cash which is unusual. But sadly I only had $132.

Told the guy that I would give him $150 but that I would have to go get some more cash because I didn't have enough to on me. Now I though he would say no and would want more. Low and behold he said come get it now and I'll take $132.

I feel like I stole this thing.

Well I polished it up and it works like a charm.

So please join me in welcoming the newest member of our house.

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That slicer looks brand new.  Nice score.



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Very Nice!...JJ

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Well done, Brian!

It's a beaut!!!!
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Great catch Brian !!!!!   Good things come to those that don't give up..

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Very nice slicer but even nicer seller...Congratulations!



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Great score Brian. I'm jealous. :biggrin:

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great buy - congrats

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Great deal on what looks like and awesome slicer Brian. Now get it dirty!!
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Man that thing looks brand new!


Did he ever use it?


Great score!



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Nice looking slicer! Word of warning, I have cut myself twice on the blade when not in use. Once while washing and once when picking it up!!!
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Man what a nice score...Congrats Brian!  Just goes to show, you never know unless you ask!





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Oh man! That is a great score!  That thing looks brand new.  Now you're going to have me adding slicers to my already long list of craigslist searches.  You're going to make my wife kill can't hide slicers out in the yard like you can grills and smokers haha.

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Wow! That's a great deal.

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Thanks guys. Still vant believe it but ill take it.
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Sweet !!!!! Nice score..

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