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Smoked chicken

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After lots of researching online I combined various recipes and techniques. Here's the result. Very happy w how they turned out. Brined for 24 hrs in a basic brown sugar, kosher salt, filtered water, peppercorn, thyme mix. Rubbed the birds down w lots of EVO. Seasoned liberally w California style garlic salt blend, fresh cracked pepper. Then I stuffed the cavity w chopped apples, onions, garlic, lemon, lime cilantro. Smoked in a gas smoker at 225 using a 50/50 blend of apple chips and hickory chips. 3-5 hrs.
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They look great!


Love the color!



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Looks good! You should try spatchcocking (removing the spine) it helps keep the birds flat. I haven't done a slow and low chicken as I usually go a bit hotter to get the crispy skin. Will need to try the slow and low tho. How was the flavor?
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Welcome from SC. It's good to have you on this great site. Ditto on the spatchcock. Your bird will get done faster and more evenly. If you cook a bird a little hotter, 300*+, it will keep the skin crispy.
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I'll have to look up this spatchcock you mention. The flavor was great although the skin is never very crisp. We use the carcass and skin to make smoked chicken stock anyways so I haven't put the extra effort into making sure the skin is crisp. Any tip would be welcomed!. Make you a chicken enchilada soup w the smoked chicken and stock......whew boy!
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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

They look great!


Love the color!



Am I missing something?...I don't see any pictures.



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@huh? I see them on my screen. Try reloading. They are at the top.
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They are there now...Thanks

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I just started my chickens about 25 min ago.  Sure wish I had checked the site before I lit my smoker.  The birds look awesome and the recipe itself sounds good enough to eat.


Definetely bookmarking this page.

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Between this forum and the various sites online there is a lot of info available. I'm the kind of person that studies for a long time before I jump into a hobby so I pretty much knew what to do. Just had to put it all together. Those gas tower smokers are almost foolproof. Thanks for the props! Check amazing very good resource.
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Got it bookmarked.  Thanks a bunch.

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