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Buffalo Wings!

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Chicken wings and drummies seasoned with the Buffalo Wing seasoning, a little vegetable oil and a couple of apple wood chunks to the top of the grate for additional smoke. XL BGE running at 400° with the Large Vortex in the center filled with lump charcoal.

Coming along nicely...

No flipping and done in about an hour.

Buffalo Wings served up with some Blue Cheese dressing.

Thanks for looking!
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Those look really good. Is that a blue cheese dip?

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Now that's what I'm talking about!


Those wings look absolutely perfect!


Great job!


POINTS to you my friend!!!



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Very nice ! icon14.gif
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Great looking wings! I may have to get to the store for some wings of my own!biggrin.gif
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Fantastic looking wings! Those are my favorites!:-)
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Here are few of my own! Grilled Achiote chicken wings!:-)

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Looks Great guys.
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Originally Posted by jhend View Post

Those look really good. Is that a blue cheese dip?

The Buffalo Wings were served with Blue Cheese dressing.
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Those wings look perfect!  Nice job.



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Gotta try that seasoning :drool. Points!

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Great looking wings, MM!


I love your technique and have borrowed (stolen) it.





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