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I need boxed or baged oak firewood for my smoker

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Anyone know where I can get wood? I'm in SoCal. Need boxed or baged oak.
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Jim Beam oak bbl is available at Ingles and Wally World and Bi-Lo Most Ace hardware stores carry chips and chunks now, but the Jim Beam is supposedly cut from bbl staves which are heartwood. I f you cant find them im sure one of us can do a trade. I would like to try smoking fig. 

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I can get it at Home Depot, Lower, and Cabelas.

Might want to check Craig's list.
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Thank you both. I'm looking for the log wood like Lowes used to carry. Chips-n-chunks do not last long enough. I'm using lump charcoal now but want to change to mostly logs say 12" long by 3 or 4" in diameter
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try Frutia Wood, Grand junction, Co they carry chips, chunks, splits

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I just call local tree service companies, they all sell firewood and are more than willing to cut/split you anything you want when they're slow. I get Oak, Hickory, Apple and Cherry from the guys around me.
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Papa lion and Skooter, thanks. Both very good info. Trying to keep shipping cost down but know I'm going to have to pay unless tree guys here can help.
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As long as you're looking for wood that is native to your area you shouldn't have any trouble.
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Just craigslist "oak firewood" and see if you have any local cutters who sell seasoned hardwood.

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There are 3 places in the San Gabriel Valley that I visit. 1 off of Madre st east Pasadena. Right off the 210 frwy. 2nd is off eastern ave and the long beach frwy. The 3rd is off the 105 frwy in Maywood. This one is called the Wood of My Ranch. Huge business. Always has white, red oak.. Also apple, pecan, olive, hickory etc. Buy by the pallet or bag. The bags weigh in the 40 to 50 lb range


Next time you go to Vegas I have one place you'll need to visit.....with a truck....they have a great variety. If your interested I'll get phone numbers for you.

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