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keeping ribs tender

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I have a mes 30 smoker and every time I smoke ribs they turn out tough. How can I make them tender in the smoker?

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If they are tough, they are not done.


What is your procedure for smoking them.


Foiling them after a couple of hours will soften them up.


I'm in the minority, but I smoke ribs to internal temp.


You may want to look at my signature & click on "Perfect ribs every time"


Your going to get a lot of replies on this because everybody has their own special way of smoking ribs.



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Al is right if they are tough they are not done. I use the bend test. Works every time for me. Basically after the ribs have been in the smoker 3 or 4 hours I use a long 16" tongs and slide it halfway under the rack of ribs and pick it up. If it bends and the meat just begins to crack that is perfect for me. If they actually break in half they are over cooked.

And as Al said we need to know more about the method you are using now in order to help you correct your problem.

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