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Common Bacon Mistakes

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"Common mistakes to avoid when making bacon, the world's most perfect food"




Just passing it along, don't shoot the messenger! 

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Good info! My only issue with the CI Griddle is the sides of mine are only 1/4". Lay out a Pound of fatty bacon and the " Grease Runneth Over " before it's done. Not a huge deal but makes for creative handling of a hot heavy hunk of Iron! I much prefer just using a non-stick pan or griddle and exercising a little heat control. The rest I do, including Drinking some OJ and not sweating the Nitrosamines...JJ

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Wife makes bacon in the oven which comes out perfect every time. I prefer my CI pan or griddle. Good points in the article especially about not starting with a hot pan.

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We do it in the oven too, no shrinkage!


Use a bacon press on the flat top to keep it from shrinking.


Doesn't matter how you make it, as long as it's crispy I LOVE BACON!!!



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Except for the CI pan that's how I've always done it.

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I like undercooked bacon sometime. I also like to use the microwave on occasion.
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