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New MES 40"

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Ok, so my Bradleys, (2 of them) have gotten soooo beat up, I've replaced the hinges with brass door hinges, one of them is so bad I just use it for cold smoking, element's gone and I didn't want to sink more money in fixing up both of them. Wife surprised me when UPS showed up yesterday with 2, yes count them, 2 40" MES digitals with RF controls. 

I've never used one of these but wondering how much trouble it would be to use my Auber PID on one of them for better heat control. It's a 2 probe Auber for Bradleys. 

Any help out here?

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I assume you would need to bypass the controller altogether and connect a power cord directly to the heating element which becomes plugged into the back of the Auber.  This is what I did with my MES40 1st gen.

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