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Bratwurst question.

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I was going through a bunch of the threads on sausage and I noticed that no one is making a bacon cheddar bratwurst. Is there any specific reason for this. I would like to try it but I dont want to waste a bunch of pork. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Sounds good to me, I am doing chicken sausage this weekend but that sounds good. High temp cheddar, I am not sure if I would cook the bacon for the taste profile or grind it with the pork mix then stuff, interesting concept I am game for experimenting.
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First of all welcome to SMF!


I think it sounds really good.


Seems like you would get more bacon taste if you fried or baked it then chopped it up & added it with the cheese before stuffing. 


Also, would you mind going over to roll call & introducing yourself to everyone so we can give you a proper SMF welcome.



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Yeah that is what I was contemplating also. Do I cook the bacon or put it in raw? My theory is pork is pork right. So it shouldn't hurt to put the bacon in raw unless it make the brat cook funny. Just not sure yet.

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I may give this a shot this weekend, I made the Ruben brat & my wife & I were talking about how good a blt brat would be with smoked cheddar, bacon, & sundried tomatoes, grilled & topped with some chipolte mayo & shredded iceberg lettuce.

Has anyone smoked any high temp cheeses?
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That does sound awesome murray.

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