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LEM MaxVac Vacuum Sealer

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I`m looking to purchase a LEM MaxVac Sealer, does anyone out there have one?  How do you like it?


Does anyone use this unit to seal their mason jars?

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If you go with LEMon just hope you never have to deal with their customer service...

Take a look at the VacMaster Packers that Vacuum Sealers Unlimited sells. Lisa is a sponsor here and is great to deal with. She posts monthly coupon codes here for bags and supplies.

I have the Vacmaster Pro-380 and wouldn't trade it for anything.
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I would do some comparison. Vac Unlimited units look similar to the LEM but a lot cheaper. Hard to beat Lisa's Service...JJ

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Where do they sell VacMaster unit? I'm looking for a unit I can also attach an attachment so that I can vacseal my glass mason jars
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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

Here you go...JJ



JJ beat me to it. Also you can call Lisa and ask any questions you have.

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The vacmaster pro 380 that I have has the tube attachment for sealing lids and other items.

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