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Hello from Melbourne Australia

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Hi all,

  I'm happy to find this forum, especially the great build pics, and surprised to see how long it's been around for.


  To date I've run some ~9hour pork necks, a few spatchcocked brined chickens and a handful of pastramis in a Hark single door gas model, and pretty happy with the results.

  Oh, and bacon wrapped meatloaf came out really well too. And I've had good results with venison backstraps, in a pastrami style rub, sliced thin and served like a cured meat.


   I'm looking for a charcoal smoker now, since the mini WSM caught my eye recently, but parts and prices are painful here in Australia.

   All recommendations are welcomed.




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Welcome to SMF!


There are a lot of Aussies on here,maybe one of them has a suggestion for a smoker over there.



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