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Last cheese smoke of the season

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Well I wanted to get one more cheese smoke in before the weather turned warm. Saturday morning was 35 but by mid day it was getting into the upper 50's and climbing fast. I smoked a batch of Tillamook co jack and New York horse radish cheddar and some Alma Colby from here in KS.


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New York horseradish cheddar sounds awesome!


I've never seen it here in Florida.



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That sounds great,,, I need to do me another batch or two also. 


I was just in Columbus OH and wanted to get some 3 alarm cheese to smoke (none from here) but could not get the chance to get out and do it,,,plus when I was there it was 7below and windy,,,,I will stay inside and sip on adult beverages LOL 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 


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Looks great! Love horseradish cheddar. Makes a great roast beef sandwee!
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My cheese fridge is full and cheese weather is about gone here. I'm going to keep my eye out for horseradish, though, and if I see any (never have) I'll get some for next year. Sounds really good!
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