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Salmon Jerky

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Our fishing buddy asked me to do some Salmon Jerky with a few chunks of his fish.

Started with 6# of raw King Salmon. Skinned and thinly sliced with the grain.

Into a simple brine of 4/1 ratio of dark brown sugar / non iodized salt.

Brined in the fridge for 3.5 hours

Onto the racks for a room drying session of 2 hours.

Out into the Big Chiefs, controlled by a couple PID controllers for a smoke session of 2.5 hours using Alder pellets, starting out at 130 for 1st hour, then bumped to 145* for remaining time in the smoker. Then into the dehydrator for 3 hours at 160*.

Ended up with 2# of finished product. Our fishing buddy better not give all this Jerky away and keep some for the upcoming Salmon season.


And what was for dinner? Go figure!

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Awesome Craig!


It makes me want to lick my computer screen!


POINTS to you!



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As usual, looks great Craig! I have two fillets in the freezer that are going into the smoker soon!

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could you give more details on recipe such as how much such as cups or tb sp and how much water? thanks looks amazing.

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Originally Posted by meyerwelding View Post

could you give more details on recipe such as how much such as cups or tb sp and how much water? thanks looks amazing.

I gave the recipe which is a 4/1 ratio of dk brown sugar / non iodized salt.  Smoked for 2+ hours then dehydrated for 3+ hours.  No water used.  I add a couple scoops of the dry mix to another bowl.  Toss in a few pieces of Salmon and mix it up.  Then I transfer it over to the plastic brining container which the fish will reside in for the next 3+ hours.    I don't measure how much of the dry brine mix I use.  It's all...whatever looks right.    I will add though that I do go back every hours and gently stir the batch just to make sure all the fish is properly brined.


A very simple recipe yet my fishing buddies just love the heck out of it.

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