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Any smokes going on today?

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Decided to fireup the smoker this morning, looks like its going be a babyback Sunday for us. Anybody else doing a smoke today?
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That sounds good. I've got a double smoked ham going right now with some kielbasa and a boneless turkey breast waiting to be tossed on. icon14.gif
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Got some jalapeno cheddar snack sticks in right now.



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Throwing on a couple St. Louis style ribs soon.

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Will be doing some Salmon Jerky in a couple hours.

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Smoked 2 racks of spares trimmed to St Louis style last night & finished a 10# bisket up @ 1:00 maybe technically I did cook today? biggrin.gif Plan on just enjoying the fruits of my labor today & cleaning my smoker for next weekend. yahoo.gif
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Brined some loin chops yesterday and thawed some thighs for this afternoon
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Sounds like there's going to some good eating going on today. icon14.gifgrilling_smilie.gif
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Sweet salmon jerky, first try. Really windy, having trouble regulating the smoker. I'm tring a too hot, too cold method!
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Just put three whole pork loins on my smoker - just shy of 30 lbs. I cut them into three pieces before smoking for easier handling. I have found that they are 100% just as good after three months in the freezer as they are right out of the smoker - that's why I'm cooking so much - most of it will go in the freezer. I put them in vacuum plastic bags for freezing. We have dinner with the loins, take them for lunch sandwiches and cut them up and put into scrambled eggs for breakfast.



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Beef Jerky - been in the smoker about 4 1/2 hours so far.

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Currently have a Pork Loin on the Smoker. Going to do a pepper jelly glaze towards the end!
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Beer can bacon chicken going in the kettle later on chicken.gif 

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Sounds like we have some sweet smokes going on today.
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UPDATE: All Done! Went faster than I had anticipated. Some pieces are a little extra dry. Think I had the heat too hIgh. First - time impatience I guess. But all in all everyone seems to like it here.
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The Sunday spread.
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Brisket whole 12 lbs cooked overnight in homade smoker.
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