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Smokin' tomorrow!

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Firing up the smoker tomorrow for some spare ribs with Jeff's rub. It has already been an adventure and I haven't even started cooking yet. Went to put rub on my ribs and realized I don't have any yellow mustard... used dijon... hope it cooks out lol. As I was mixing my rub together, I realized that I have no idea where my thermometer is and if it even works. I might have to swing by the PX tomorrow and pick up a cheapo oven thermometer so I can at least make sure I'm up to 250 in the smoker. Not super worried about the meat as I rarely probe it anyways. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for my uber delicious rib post! The Mrs. is gonna do a bloomin' onion to go with it as well... woo!

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I'm in.......




And allow me to say, Thank you for your service. Its a promise I made myself long long ago. 

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Sounds like a plan!


And as Kevin said, thank-you for your service!



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The Dijon should be fine. You can always use EVOO. I'm glad you're using Jeff's rub. It's great on ribs. Good luck, good smokin' and thanks very much for your service.
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Thanks, gentlemen!


My new thread is up and updates are posted!

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