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Double smoke

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It's 60 in Wisconsin in February and it just so happens to be a Saturday. Today we smoke. First we do salmon for a snack and then we put on my first fatty. No matter the outcome of the food,I'm winning. Lol. IL try to post pics but I'm kinda new to this. Salmon is almost done.
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Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. Hopefully you will post some pics of your smoke.



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I seasoned one with a Penzy Bangkok Blend and left one plain. The girlfriend and I love the seasoning. Went 4 to 1 on the brine but thought it may have been too weak with as much water as I had. Turned out great though. Two cups brown sugar, 1/2 cup pickling salt and one gallon of water for 3 lbs of salmon.
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I'm not a big fish lover, Peeker, but I think I could dig into that!
Waiting for the fattie....🙂
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Fatty turned out great too! What an awesome day of smoking.
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I have never made a fatty I'm going to have to get this off my list.Whats in the secret ingredient fatty?


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what a great weekend you had it all looks great.

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I believe the possibilities are endless. I did ground chicken wrapped in turkey bacon. (The girlfriend doesn't do pork or red meat) Inside was tomato basil cheese and mozzarella cheese, red and yellow peppers, sweet onion and spinach. I think the toughest part was rolling it. Check the sticky here for tips.
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