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My 1st 6# ' er

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She's on....730 AM. Garlic, onion, salt, paprika, chili powder rub. A little chilly outside but should finish by 3 or 4 this afternoon.


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Looks like a good start.Thumbs Up

What are you cooking on and at what temperature?

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Any updates?



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Took multiple pics of the progress to post but my son accidently erased them (and every other picture on my phone)..:icon_cry:.  


The P Butt turned out really good. Took about 8 hours at 250. Nice smoke flavor. Also tried the Wicked Beans recipe I found on here and I think they were even more of a hit then the pork. Will definitely recommend that recipe. My next smoke I will definitely get more pics and not allow my son to play with my phone. 

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Off topic but look into the google photo app. Backs up photos from all your devices/computers and puts them in one place. My wife and I share an account so we both have access to all our photos anytime we want. Google offers unlimited storage for standard resolution photo quality. Last time I looked we have a few thousand photos stored there and Google has all sorts of filters like facial recognition, location, dates, etc. no I don't work for Google but we do enjoy photography and this has made it much easier to store and share photos and gives us peace of mind if something should happen to one of our devices.
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Thanks for the tip, I will look into that

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