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New Use for AMNPS 5x8

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Couldn't find an old spice container to use as a shaker for Jeff's rub when making my first set of ribs yesterday.


Necessity is the mother of invention, and this is definitely a mother:



It actually makes a really good spice rub shaker!!

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Bet it gives that rub a nice smokey flavor!

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Originally Posted by cmayna View Post

Bet it gives that rub a nice smokey flavor!

You mean I was supposed to get rid of the ashes before I added the rub ??  :icon_confused:

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Very inventive!



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Cool, way to be thinking out of the box LOL Love ashes in my food to,,,



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Too Funny! A little wood ash wouldn't hurt. Years ago I saw an add in a Restaurant trade magazine for a Steak Rub made of Salt and a whole load of Ground Charcoal. Supposed to give a Char-Grilled taste to Broiled Steaks...JJ

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Wouldn't work too good for me, because I rarely even brush my AMNPS out.


I usually just give it a couple taps on a 6 X 6 around the garden to empty it out.




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