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opinions on this smoker

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 this is custom made ​& about the same size as the yoder Cheyenne & ok. joe highland. what i'm wondering is how the stack being mounted on the lid might work. it's not mine, i'm still kicking the tires.

also-do these offsets use a lot of wood/charcoal??

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Is the smoke stack actually mounted to the lid? so the stack will move with the lid when opened? And if it's not, it looks too close to allow the lid to open all the way anyway. 


If it's a custom build, I would have the builder move the stack to the end of the cook chamber. 

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Looks like a creative means of adding some counter balancing to the lid. In a smoker that small moving the stack to the end will make little difference. You can add a mod to lower the stack, can, sleave, etc, to get it closer to the grate and still open the lid...JJ

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i considered extending the stack & the counterweight aspect.  i'm going to go see this this weekend. for my situation this should be a good size.

what about fuel consumption. are these offsets fuel hogs??

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Not really. It is small and as long as it is fairly sealed fuel usage and temp management is easily regulated. I had a similar New Braunfels Horizontal for 20 years the set up below lasted about 3 hours, summer weather, dumping a dozen lit coals on one end...JJ







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