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Texan newbie to smoking

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Hey everyone,


I just got a MES 30 delivered yesterday and already have a pork butt on it since this morning. Stayed up late last night to season the MES so it'd be ready. Been reading this forum for hours each day since I ordered the smoker on Sunday. What an awesome community. 

I love cooking - it's a huge hobby of mine. I do a lot of grilling, sous vide, and pressure cooking. Always wanted to learn how to smoke and so glad I found this forum. With sous vide, I've gone through great lengths to mimic smoking... but it never turns out quite the same. That's why I finally bit the bullet and ordered a smoker. 


Planning on experimenting with combining sous vide with smoking. But first... I must learn how to smoke. I wanted to thank everyone who've contributed so far. I've learned SO much this past week reading this forum. Looking forward to contributing myself.



Jon Pace

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Welcome to the forum Jon!  Looking forward to your smoking contributions!



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Welcome from SC, Jon. It's really good to have you on this great site. Looking forward to your contributions.
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