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vacuum sealer advice

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I am looking at getting the Weston PRO 2300.
Anybody have one any reviews would be awesome thank you in advance
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I don't have one but Looking at the price I can tell you that the Vac Master Pro380 is a great machine. I recently purchased one from vacuum sealers unlimited. They are one of the sponsors of the site. Lisa is great to deal with. I also buy all my bags from her as do many others here. Check them out.

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Oh yeah if you search here she has monthly discount codes for bags.
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Thanks and I do know that Lisa sells bags and runs a coupon for machines etc reason why I am choosing this model is because I have a gift card for Home Depot and this is the best one they have. To me if you look at it it looks like it's identical machine as the 380 sticker in the same spot looks like the same unit I was just thinking maybe it's the same machine just different name
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Yep looking at it, it does look like the same thing. Just like all the stuffers and slicers. Same stuff different label. If it is you won't be disappointed.
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^^^^ cool that's what I was thinking I just my order here in a few days my regular sealer is still going on 15 years plus just getting tired of not sealing up every time
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Does anyone have an LEM MacVac Sealer?  How do you like it?


Does it work with glass mason jars?


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