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Brisket smoke

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Well started the day with a 91/2 pound packer. It looked and felt really great in the cryovac. Was trimmed pretty well before I opened it.

Trimmed just a bit. It really looked good! Soaked in Dr. Pepper over night the rubbed with Salt Lick rub.

Put her on the Wrangler, 250 using mesquite. 4 hours later it was at 165 and I wrapped.

3 more hours she was at 205 but still didn't probe tender so it took about another hour to get there. Here she is!

Wasn't the most most tender but the flat was not tough at all. The point however was pretty tough. Never had one like that but this one wasn't as thick as what I usually cook. I'll put it this way, no body threw it away! Not sure if I like the Salt Lick. Too much pepper. I usually us Head Country Rub. Aww, I like that.

Smoke On!
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Beauty! :points:

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Thanks DB!
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Nice smoke ring!  If the point is a little tough you can always separate it and cook it some more.



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Wow, nice brisket and nice smoke ring. Keep up the great work.

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That looks perfect!  points1.png



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Looks great to me!





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