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Building a reverse flow smoker and curious to learn how does smf nation starts their fires? Do you ever use coals to start fire, or to maintain temps, or do you use coals more to conserve wood. Three part question. I'm not a purist I'm a BEGINNER!As far as water pan bette bbq product when filling out leaving dry? Any advice is welcome SMF NATION. THANKS
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I start with charcoal and then use splits for most of the cook. Typically, I have to add charcoal during long cooks to maintain a good bed of coals. I'm hoping that will change when I get some good seasoned hickory this summer.
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As for a water pan...I don't think it's necessary with a reverse flow. Let the juices drip on the the baffle plate and you're good to go...
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Thank you MP4s AND Joe Black
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