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Do You Brine Your BCC?

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Hey guys

I'm a big fan of smoking beer can chicken. I usually brine it in salty apple juice (with some herbs and such) for a few hours before rubbing and smoking it with cherry and hickory, sitting on half-a-can of light beer. I actually first witnessed doing it this way from M. Mixon.


Am I wasting my time with the brine? I know on my wings, the brine does help a lot, in tenderness and color. And my BCC's always turn out great. But w/ the beer can adding moisture on the inside, is the brine necessary?

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Brine flavors, tenderizes and adds moisture IN the bird. BCC is fine to help maintain what is naturally there or if factory enhanced. If you are organized ahead of time...Brine. I don't always get notice of more than a few hours that I am making chicken any given day...JJ

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I think to brine poultry is the best way to go, but if you don't have the time then I inject the bird. Sometimes I do both.



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Great feedback - thanks guys. I'm going to keep on brining and impressing the guests!

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