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Santa Maria Style

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Could someone please explain to me what is meant by a Santa Maria style grill? Pictures would also be helpful.

I cannot find much searching the innerwebs except posts about various meats or dishes prepared in the style. I would really like to see pictures. From what I have seen, it seems that the style is much like cooking over a campfire except the fire is in a firebox and there is a grill over it and sometimes the grill height can be changed to either lower or raise the cooking surface.

Searching here didn't turn up pics or a verbal description for me. If I missed it, I apologize in advance.

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It's an open charcoal or wood fired grill that incorporates a system to raise and lower the cooking grate to control the temperature at grate level

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Thanks, Case!
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Primarily designed for a Wood Fire, Red Oak is most frequently quoted as the wood of choice. The grill design lets you get cooking sooner, rather than waiting for a bed of coals, and allows for taking advantage of the flavorful smoke generated by the wood early in the burn process. Lots of high heat coming off the burning wood necessitates a means of getting the meat away from the heat and excessive flare-ups, hence the ability to raise the cooking grate a great deal...JJ

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Hi there,

I live in Argentina where 99% of houses have something similar to this.

I wouldn't bother with raising and lowering the parrilla, just make something like the photos below. 

I know there are places selling all the high tech Argentine style Parrillas, but myself I prefer to cook on the standard style and just control the amount of coals under them.    The Pics are of my father in law    search for images of "fogon" on google will help. 



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