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MES40 shocking hazard (maybe)

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unpack my MES 40 today I bought from Academy sports I found that my heating element was in direct contact with a rod that was holding up the smoking box I don't know what would've happened if I plug smoker in and turned it on, but I'm glad I looked first, the rod was a little bit bent and I straight it out now it is not contacting the heating element. Could this have been a shock hazard, maybe, maybe not please let me know what you think .
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Not a shock hazard. The rod was contacting the outer sleeve of the heating element. The element is much the same as the elements on an electric stove. They don't short or shock when a metal pot is on them or pots over flow.

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No not a Shock hazard.


It can make whatever it's against a bit warm, but no shock.


Some Heating elements are against the bottom of the chip burner drawer, causing the chips to flame up. Then some of the heating elements are too far from the chip drawer, keeping the chips from smoking.


It's sensitivities like this that cause us to get & use an AMNPS.




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Thank you for letting me know, I was almost afraid to plug the MES in.
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Thanks to everyone that has answered my problem
v/r cayotica
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I got my second MES40, 3 years ago, from Academy. Exact same thing. Maybe bent rods are a special order by Academy Sports...:biggrin:...JJ › Groups › Masterbuilt Electric Smoker (MES) Owners › Discussions › MES40 shocking hazard (maybe)