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It was moovalous baby

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My pops is having knee replacement surgery (for the third time) so came home to be here for it, and decided to fix one of his favorites - Beef Tongue

5# tongue
1/2 cup cider vinegar
20 whole peppercorns
4 tbsp salt
6 bay leaves
6 dried chiles

Into slow cooker on low/med for 10 hrs. Tender and tasty. Forgot how good it is.

And just to keep the smoking theme in there, I served it with some of my smoked Gouda

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Hoe all goes well go your father! If someone made me beef tongue I would stay in the hospital! I'll admit I never had it but it looks to creepy for me.
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It's actually quite good. Makes excellent sandwiches too.
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I had beef tongue sandwiches as a kid, good stuff.


I have to admit seeing the whole tongue in the crock pot is a little creepy.


Points to you for taking care of Pops!



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One of the best sammie meats there is!  Looks like a great cook.  Wishing the best of luck with that new knee.  B

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It turned out great - tender, good rich flavor.  Not enough leftovers to even consider sammies.  

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Hope your Dad has better luck with this new knee,I never had Beef Tongue I've had lots of hot tongue and cold shoulder if that counts. LOL Points for taking care of your Dad


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Nicely done, I am sure it was tasty. My best to Dad...JJ



Originally Posted by b-one View Post

Hoe all goes well go your father! If someone made me beef tongue I would stay in the hospital! I'll admit I never had it but it looks to creepy for me.


Just a bit about meat and it's flavor...The more active the muscle, the more collagen and intense flavor it will have...A Burger made from ground Tenderloin sounds like it would be wonderful. Some steak houses grind Tenderlion trim and charge a premium for " Filet Mignon Burgers "  But it makes a burger with very little beefy flavor! The most successful high end burger joints brag that their burgers are made from a Secret Mix of cuts including Chuck, Brisket and Plate (Belly) all tough active muscles.

Two of the most BEEFY flavored portions of the steer...Heart and Tongue, the two Most active muscles you can get. I too was like, YUK! I ain't eating heart or tongue, until some older guests in a retirement home I worked for, asked me to make Braised Heart. I was Blown Away! Buy far the richest and most intensely Beefy flavored Pot Roast I had ever eaten. 


Unforunately, I now know how great Heart and Tongue is but Forget getting my family past the Yuk Factor. I will always order it out but never get to make it. Some day I will secretly make Tacos de Lengua and just say it's Barbacoa...JJ

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When I worked in Tulsa I told some coworkers to surprise me when we ordered from a taco truck/place I'd never eaten at. I had some coworkers who thought they were being cute when they brought me Tacos de Lengua back. I couldn't have been happier but I didn't let on I knew what it was. They just kept bringing me tacos every time we ordered from there.

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Best wishes for your Dad!


Tasty lookin stuff there!


People who try tongue would probably like it? By the plate or in tacos, it is great stuff.


Heart, too.  My mom used to stuff beef hearts like she would a turkey.  I loved that. Back in the day when heart was cheap, I would cut and add it to a beef stew as a budget stretcher.  Nobody noticed unless I told them. Now that people are learning to cook them properly, we don't get those cheap, budget stretching cuts much. Darn old supply and demand thing.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I love beef tongue!


Points for being nice to Pop!



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Update on my dad
Just returned from Iowa. Overall surgery went well. The crazy story - Doc said, "I've seen where people have worn through the polymer, and I've seen where people have worn into the metal parts and created an indentation. But I've never seen anyone wear completely through the metal parts like your dad did!"

All is well now. Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers
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