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Electric smoker verses propane smoker?

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My smoking adventure started 2 Christmases ago. My MA got me a Landman Smokey Mountain Series 32950 electric smoker. I have had some good times and bad times with it. I live in Indiana and it gets pretty cold here so keeping a constant temperature can be a battle. Last Thanksgiving I invited my family over for some smoked turkey, well those were my plans. To make a long story short. I couldn't hold the temp,I couldn't even get the temp to the safe zone. I ended up pulling the turkey and cooking it in a roaster. I was not very happy. My question is, how many of you out there have made the switch from electric to gas. I think that with a propane smoker I'd be able to smoke in the cold. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks Ed...
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There are benefits to gassers, but in cold temps your smoker should be insulated well or in a conditioned space.

So lets say you have an electric smoker with an 800 watt element. and you wanna buy a gasser that has a 15,000 btuh burner. The electric unit has a btuh rating of 3000 btuh roughly. So the gasser may hold temps better, but as most gassers may be leaky and un-insulated consider the change before making it. 

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I think you probably will be able to hold the temps up with a gasser up north. My Smoke Vault will easily get up to 400+ degrees down here in Fl. So I'm sure 225 would not be a problem in colder temps.



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I smoked a pork shoulder a couple weeks ago and it was down to 12°F when it finished. In a propane fired smoke vault. I do have it insulated.
Some good info here. Mine is at the end of the thread
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I love my gassers, and not discounting any other fueled smoker.


At a moments notice I can change from natural gas to propane. Natural gas does lower my BTUH per hour with a natural draft, but if sized correctly cooks beautifully, 


Propane with a high pressure regulator allows me to force my BTUH rating with the same burner without incomplete combustion. It however has to be constantly monitored due to pressure fluctuations as the ambient temp changes or fuel level in the tank drops. I manage this with multiple sensors monitoring box temp, IT, and manometer regulator output pressure.( honestly my manometer is digital and I have 1 Fieldpiece interface that monitors everything.... way more....... plus some...) In the end I do know my gas burners by sight if something fails.


It is not recommended that you attempt to change your gas smoker to a fuel it is not rated for by the manufacturer unless you are a trained and qualified professional.

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