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So a friend orders a RF trailer 250 gallon cooker. Goes to get it and it has no RF plate inside just a 8" piece of pipe from the FB to about 8" from the other end of the CC and racks. (1)  1/2" hole dead center of CC for a drain says to hose it down and scrap it to clean it out


Am I missing something here do these really work.Is this some new method that no one knows about

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Do you have a picture?
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I'll put one up tomm

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Here it is the company that built this calls it reverse flow


I'm at a loss for words on this one





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Need a better picture but it looks like it meets the definition of a reverse flow
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It really depends on where the stack is. If it's over the fire box then yes, reverse flow. If it's opposite the firebox then it is a standard offset with some sort of a tuning plate installed.
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It is over the FB but there is Nothing nota a plate anywhere it's a wide open CC. Has that pipe and racks in it that's all

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That pipe will restrict the air flow causing the Fire Box to overheat and cool temperatures in the Cook Chamber...    Way too much resistance using that pipe....    Poor design....  IMHO....

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Dave that's what I thought piss poor design plus he only used 3/16 metal between FB and CC.
I wish I could say the company's name and have people steer clear but just can't
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