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I need some advice

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I would like to find a reverse flow smoker on a trailer for competitions and catering when I get to that point. Of course I would like a meadow creek or a jambo but I don't want to spend that kind of money. Has anyone had any experience with Glenns Smokers from Arkansas or Sling N Steel smokers from Kentucky? They both look like good products at a reasonable price. Any advice or opinions on these smokers or others similar to these? Thanks!
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Don't know where you're located, but there's a home build in classified ads for $800.  Its in Jacksonville Fla. 

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Have you considered a Lang? Most popular reverse flow out there and you can often times find them used. I'd be leery of a home built smoker. There are a lot of welders out there who can weld the pieces together but many of them don't understand the first thing about how to build a efficient smooth running smoker.


If you're considering catering determine what the biggest size smoker you need and then buy a bigger one! This comes from experience! :biggrin:

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I've looked at Lang's and they are really nice. I just don't want to spend a lot. I would like to find a nice used one if I could but I'm just not seeing what I want so far
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One of the best smokers for the money is a Bell Fab. Craig Bell in Tulsa, OK makes a one off smoker to your exact specifications and wants. He is a great guy to work with. His material and fabrication is first class and the end results is excellent quality. Contact him at:
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I looked at the Bell smokers and they are pretty nice.  I found in GA and really like the tailgater model. I'm seriously thinking about ordering one and talked to a guy last night that loves his. Anyone else use one and what do you think?

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