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Smoke flavor help

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So I've recently made the transition from the offset smoker to an electric smoker. I'm very happy with the ease of use but not as happy with the amount of smoke flavor I'm getting. Yes, I have the AMNPS and it does smoke consistent the entire duration yet I'm not getting the smokey flavor we all crave. For example; tonight I smoked a pork loin for 3 hours with hickory pellets and I barely had any smoke flavor. I've had the same results on baby backs I've smoked for 6 hours. How much smoke should the AMNS be producing? I understand TBS is what you want but that doesn't seem to be giving me enough smoke flavor. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated!
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Light the AMNPS from both ends. Uses more pellets but double the smoke. Another option, during a shorter smoke add Chips to the pan to supplement the AMNPS...JJ

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Thanks for the tips JJ!
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Otis, I know you don't want to hear buy something...... but!


AMAZIN has a new product just out. Its the adjustable oval pellet tube. This sucker does twice the smoke the trays and tubes of days gone by put out. BUT you must be careful because it does make so much smoke. If you don't get enough smoke from it, you just need to start chewing ashtrays...LOL


As to the thin blue smoke, if you are running an electric chances are unless you've used a firebreather you'll not even realize your smoke when its at optimum. The TBS is more of a shimmering of the heat rising from the stack. Its a complete burn, which gives the best flavor to the meat. I have seen here on the boards, others that can gauge the white smoke and use it, I have never done that although I don't disbelieve the ability. But you've got to be good and/or experienced to use white smoke and not eat the ashtray.

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Thanks Kevin, I agree the Tubes step up output...I guess I didn't mention the Tubes because I am Cheap and and didn't think of them. My Accountant :wife: tries to make me sell what I have to get something similar. Years ago I sold some guns to buy others. The ones I sold are collectable now! 102.gif...JJ

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That's some great information guys, I've learned two things here.... Sometimes with smoke, less is more and never never sell a gun! With that said, after doing some digging I realized the traeger pellets I was using are not 100% wood, which could be taking away some of my smoke flavor. From here on out, its all natural for me boys!
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AMAZIN, don't need another word. They really do have good pellets and fast delivery.


The ecstasy of low price never exceeds the agony of poor quality.

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