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I really appreciate the feedback I've received here.  Due to my ignorance when originally posting I actually have 2 threads open on the same basic topic.  I'm going to stop using this one because I think my original description there was a little better than this one.  


Please feel free to subscribe to the following thread for responses and thoughts.  Sorry for any confusion.

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I realized I answered almost zero of the questions posed to me for a standard Roll Call:



This is where you let us know who you are, what your skill level is, what part of the world you live in, your first name, and anything else you feel comfortable telling us. It is also a great idea to tell us a little about what smoker or grill you are using that way if you ask a question, we'll have a better idea of how to answer and we love to get to know folks personally even if you're on the opposite end of the globe.



My name is Brian.  I live near Dallas Texas.  I have never smoked anything before and based on the above thread you can see that when I tried it didn't go well.  That's ok ... I'll get it fixed with all the help I'm getting here.  I bought that MES 30 that I want to use when my brother comes to visit.  He is planning a hog hunt and actually wanted to do an entire pig roast but that was pretty much out for the question for me.  The best alternative was to grab a decent little starter smoker and do some test runs before he gets hear in Mid-March.


I will probably continue to use the smoker for family dinners and pork ribs ... I'm not planning on making this into a hobby but would like to make sure what I am making tastes good and isn't a hassle.


I've already received a lot of very useful feedback and answers to my questions.  It blows my mind how responsive so many people are ... Keep it up ... 

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take the cover off on the connection to the element on the back of the unit. Mine had a burned wire on one connection to the element which was easily repaired. This has happened on both of mine, the 30 and the 40. Hope this helps.




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Hoity Toit,


That is not my issue.  It was like this before my first use.  :(.


The back is off and it looks perfect ...



Thanks for replying though.

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