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Minimalist UDS

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This is going to be a pretty simple build, but I wanted to document it, if only in appreciation for all the posts that made it easy to figure out.

Found this barrel... When I saw what it had held I thought it might be a sign.

Drilled 3 1 inch holes at the bottom and installed 3/4" nipples. Now to burn it out.

Oh yeah, better burn the lid, too!

Still need to build a charcoal basket and install bolts for the grill. Timing depends on the weather and the voices in my head. ;)
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I have to burn my lid as well. Did you deal with any warping of the lid. I'm worried about it getting too hot.
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Didn't have any problems with the lid. I rotated it a few times during the burn so the heat was even. It seals fine.
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Good to know. Thanks.
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Charcoal basket: weber grate, 6" high expanded metal, Walmart pizza pan for ash catcher:

Pork but and a pig's foot about to cook:

How did they turn into pork shots?

I need to get into the habit of taking pics. So far I've done ribs and abts, both of which I thought cane out better than on my akorn. OTOH, the akorn fits on the porch so I can use it during our monsoons...
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