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G.E refrigerator

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Hey everyone. I joined awhile back and have been in the process of building a GE fridge smoker with the pellet daddy pellet unit. The problem is controlling the temp. I started off with two  2 1/4 inch stacks. I than added two  2 1/2 inch diameter stacks followed by a 3 inch stack. It has at least 50 degree temp swings. If I set it at 235 for example It will putt along until it  drops down to say around 218( I would think it would ramp up slightly when it hit about 230.) then starts going full blast and  ends up shooting up to around 270 degrees. I would think that it should feed steady to maintain the temp.I don't know. This is my first experience with a pellet burner is this normal behavior? Also have a 3 inch inlet at the bottom. Also its about 20 degrees outside today here in North Dakota.Thanks.



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Curious, where did you install the temp probe?  Also how did you install it?  Is the probe covered from food and drippings?  I would check the probe connection too.

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Temp probe is centered on the side about 8 inches down from the top. Drilled a hole sealed with silicon inside and out. No contact with food or drippings. Think I should move the probe down some? 

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