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Another 1st

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This is another 1st for me. Great forum everybody! & thanks!  Wife made her usual meatloaf 1lb beef, 2lb ground pork, onion, bell pepper, various spices. Flattend it out and layered with black forest ham & swiss cheese. Rolled it up then rolled again in a bacon weave. Seran wrapped it, put in refrigerator over night. Into the smoker this afternoon with hickory chunks.

Wow, this turned out fantastic! The whole family had seconds!

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You got my attention. Im waiting for the finished product. 

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Can't wait to see the results, great start though.


Keep on smokin'                 Ed

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Is it done yet?????:bigsmile:
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It turned out fantastic! The whole family had seconds! Posted final pics in opening thread.
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Heh, isn't this hobby a blast? You literally cannot buy something like that but you can make it yourself, any way you want.

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Great job!


That is one fantastic looking meatloaf!


Points to you!!



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Now THAT is a fatty.  Great idea using your wife's meatloaf.  Turned out great





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Think I am going to make one of these tonight. Had a smoked meatloaf at a local bbq joint very similar to this and it was awesome. I am going to use some gouda instead of swiss.


Just curious how long this big boy took. Figuring with 3 lbs of ground meat and another 1/3 of ham or so will take around 3 hours, that sound about right? Would be smoking around 275-300 to end up with crisper bacon.

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