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Pulled pork the way we like it.

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I bought my first smoker last summer and have been putting it through its paces trying get good homemade BBQ the way my wife and I like it. Thanks to all the helpful people on this forum, I think I may finally be getting the hang of pulled pork. I know that pulled pork is supposed to be one of the easiest for a beginner like myself, but I kept getting inconsistent results as far as moisture and smoke flavor. I bought Jeff's book and experimented with pork loin and tenderloin and baby back ribs. They all turned out great after one or two tries, but pulled pork seemed to be just a little drier and not as flavorful as I was expecting.


What I ended up doing is really making friends with the Texas crutch. I now tightly wrap each pork butt in heavy foil once it hits 165 degrees and finish it off in the oven at 250 until it reaches an internal temp of 203. I've never seen a pork butt increase in temp to over 205 after removing it from the heat at 203. I then let it rest of an hour and incorporate all the juices from the foil back into the meat as I pull it apart. The smoke comes from Pitmaster's Choice pellets in an AMZN pellet smoker. My wife and I are now very pleased with the results and pulled pork has become one of our staple foods. Thanks to everyone who participates in this forum. A beginner couldn't ask for a better place to learn the art and science of BBQ. 





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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO look at that bone pull. Are you using a finishing sauce after you pull? I use 1/2 part frozen apple concentrate to 1/2 part apple cider vinegar. I also add in molasses generally 1/4 cup for every 4 cups concentrate / cider mixture. once pork is pulled i add my sauce and allow meat to set. 

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Looking really good, Ken. icon14.gif
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Thanks for the kind words guys. No, I don't normally use any kind of finishing sauce. My wife is currently on a special diet that excludes a lot of all that tasty stuff I would like to put on our BBQ. Thanks for the idea though. I may try making a small batch for myself and give that sauce you use a try. It looks like it might be a good way to enhance the flavor. How much do you add to a whole pork butt?



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Nice dry bone Ken.  The butt looks to be perfectly done.  Thumbs Up

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Id say I add 4 oz's in a condiment bottle for an 8 lb butt. Its kinda a flavor to taste kinda thing. You had mentioned having a dry butt sometime, or a fatty butt, and a finishing sauce will help balance that out.

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Hey Ken


Your PP looks like it turned out great.  NICE bone pull.


I always finish my butts in foil in the oven--I have a MES 30 and don't get much bark anyway.



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Looks great
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Nice job on the PP!


Looks delicious!


Don't need bear claws to pull that, just use your hands with gloves on.



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