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Deer stick temp

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Putting a temp probe in a deer stick as small as they are is tough! I make casingless sticks and I try to insert the probe in a hurry so I don't have the smoker door open any longer than I have to, smoke is rolling out so its hard to see what I'm doing, etc. I always worry that the probe is sticking out the other side of the deer stick or something like that. I put the probe lengthwise into the meat. I worry that I may not be getting an accurate reading. A lot of words here for a small issue! How do you guys do it?
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You need a thermocouple therm like a Thermapen. They can measure quickly in shallow depths...JJ

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There is only one ThermaPen but there is alternatives if you don't want to drop a Benjamin.

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Never thought of that! thats why I asked the question here! I Think I'll get one. Thanks!
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