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Just got my own

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I received my own SI 3D on 18 FEB.  Seasoned it today. A very nice unit. Looking forward to my first rib smoke.

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Sunday's dinner was smoked baby backs, grilled asparagus and zucchini, mac and cheese, sliced tomatoes. The smoker worked very well, ribs were great!

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Good to hear. Any pictures?

Is the digital a PID like the $200 one they were selling or just a digital interface?
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The controller is made by Auber and fully integrated into the smoker.  It is a programmable PID. The temperature probe was relocated to the upper part of the cabinet after much testing and that was found to be optimal. The temp is very tight.  I am very pleased with the performance.  As for pictures, I tried to post and failed but they are in my profile.  No pictures of food though.  Just something I don't do.

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