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Need Advice: Sparibs on Saturday

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Howdy.  I have 3 racks of spares on my wsm.  I'm at the 2 hour mark.  I want these ribs tender.  For the wsm folks out there or anyone with a torpedo, how much cook time do you prefer before wrapping in foil?  




The discoloration on the ends is deceiving.  That's good meat right there.  What do yall think time-wise?  


Thank you!

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I'm no help but I'll bump it up! I have never wrapped more then an hour.
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Thanks bud.  When do you wrap them?  after 1 hour?  

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After 2-3 hours depending on how they look. Then open them up and start checking for tenderness and try to decide to sauce or not.
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Man, these cook quick at 225 degress.  My gut told me to sauce & wrap at the 2.5 hour mark.  I added squeeze butter to each before returning them to the wsm.  


I dunno how to determine if they are ready for foil.  The goal is tenderness today.  

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The stall hit about 15 minutes ago. Temp constant at 225.  

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Be careful what you wish for.  I wanted tender.  Spares already fallin off the bone at the 5 hour mark.  I put them back on the smoker naked to firm up.  What did I do wrong?  




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Trial and error,start decreasing how long there in the foil. Write down your process and tweak your times till you find what normally works best. I like a little bite to ribs if I wanted something to fall off the bone I'd just smoke a butt personally. How did they turn out I'm sure they were still tasty!
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Personally haven't found the need for foiling.  Three things are always in play regardless.  Temp, time and the meat itself. Each process becomes a learning curve and if you take good notes the dialing in can be reduced.  For me, its smoking until I see a 1/4' pullback off the bone ends, then test for the bend brake. Both of these usually occur in the fifth hour. Once there, its sauce and set for another 20 min then pull. Results are a clean bite.

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I'm in a minority here.


I smoke my ribs to IT. 


Fall off the bone would be 200 IT.


Almost fall off the bone would be 195 IT, that's where we like them.


Doesn't matter if you foil or don't foil, fall off the bone is still 200 degrees.


Check out my signature line "Perfect ribs every time".



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Yes this is late.  But here are the spare-rib results back on 2/20.








Pleased pleased with the bark. Tasted good, just too damn tender.  

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