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Second attempt with MES 30

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Hey all,


I had surgery yesterday morning, so i wasn't suppose to be moving around.It was 60 here in Omaha so i had to get out of the house. Found some split chicken breast and game hens on sale, so i fired up the MES and AMPNS . sorry about the photos, first time Q-View


All rubbed down, forgot to take pics of hens.

Into the MES with probe.

225 for 2 hours then threw in the hens.

All finished

very happy with the results for only my second try on an electric unit. MES and AMPNS worked like a champ. everything i learned about both of them came from here. THANK YOU.

many more to come.

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First off I hope you are feeling better, second welcome to the forum, third dang good lookin' food there.


          Keep on smokin'                         Ed

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Ya know, it goes from great to fantastic and then even better. It just keeps getting better with each smoke.


How many other addictions do you know of that are not illegal??

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Great job!


Get well soon!!



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