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Open Fire Rotisserie Prime Rib

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I did an 11lb Prime rib while camping. I trussed the beef n seasoned it with salt, pepper, garlic, Rosemary. I rubbed it with butter and applied the seasonings. I got a fire going and set my rotisserie on my tripod. I set the tripod on the side for an offset cook. I let it go for 2.5 hrs. Pulled it at 125deg. Let it rest for 10-15 min. For the side we rubbed oil on some sweet potatoes and wrapped em in foil and threw em in the coals. My wife even toasted some marshmallows for a topping on the potatoes. Everything was perfect!




Also a "Miami Vice" 1/2 Strawberry daiquiri, 1/2 pina colada 

















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That is one good looking prime rib!


I'd love to go camping with you!





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my sweet God... that's amazing looking. mouth is watering....

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Wow, awesome set up and great looking prime rib! I agree with Al... I'd like to be invited on your camping trips!
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Wow you were really "roughing it" LOL. Nice job:points:

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Great cook! Reminds me of Sqwib's Schwenker

Good times in the woods!
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Now that's the way to camp! points.gif
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That's Fantastic, Wicked1 !!!:drool----------------:points:


Beautiful Job!!Thumbs Up


Something I don't normally expect from a February Campfire in Wisconsin!!!xmas_snowman.gif




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Looks great!
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Great job with the open fire.


Rib looks awesome. :points:

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Wicked, that is a wicked set up!





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