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Ham and cheese biscuit sliders

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This was an experiment that worked out easily and well: pop-open biscuits made into ham-and-cheese sandwiches.


I didn't know if this serrated carving knife could slice a biscuit in half, and it can. So after that it became an assembly line. Slice a biscuit, fold a slice of deli ham and a slice of American cheese, a little sprinkle of black pepper, on goes the top and into the pan.



Bake more or less according to package directions. The result: the gooey crowded mess I had hoped for (hence the foil lining). This is why the cheese was stacked on top of the ham. I'm going to try other versions of this method, with other ingredients.


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Throw a fried egg on there and it would be great for breakfast too!
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Looks tasty!
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Great idea!


They look delicious!


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