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Masterbuilt Advise?

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I was given a used 30 smoker, good score because I plugged it in & works.  Questions are - wood chips or coarse sawdust?   How long does a scoop tray last & how many times to refill?  When to use water & how much?  And anything else to get me going.  Thanks to who respond.

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Use 1/4C Chips every 30-45 minutes or when smoke stops coming out the 100% open vent. For longer no fuss smoking, an AMNPS or AMNTS maze or tube with pellets is the way to go...

No water in the pan is needed. Some add sand or gravel covered in foil to maintain a steady temp...JJ

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I understand the sand/gravel idea, but why do some put water or even juice in the pan?  To add flavor or keep the temp down?  Use the pan for a casserole dish?

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Water acts like a heat sink, just as the sand does. However water also adds moisture to the air as it boils out. You won't get any extra flavor using juice in the pan.



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