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cutting brisket before smoking

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while most of the cooking has been whole hog rotisserie, occasionally turkeys too, and slow roasting

i have also done some smoking in years gone by, but most of what i smoked was pork or chicken

a few briskets but not so many over the years.


now that we live in texas briskets seem to fall from the sky. so we plan to cook them much more often


since we are are looking at getting an electric smoker and they tend to be smaller than other types of smokers

i am looking for a little first hand experience.


is it ok to cut a brisket down to size to fit it in the smoker? or will that allow it to dry out too much?

any other hints and tips would be greatly appreciated  

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Yes it's ok to cut them down, and no it won't dry them out.


There are all kinds of threads on here on briskets.


Use the search at the top (magnifying glass) and type in brisket.


You'll have plenty to read.


Good luck!



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thank you


and will do

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Just so ya know, you can fit a whole brisket into a MES 40

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