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Can you brine pork loin like you do chicken

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To make it moist and tender? 


I was thinking of roasting it or smoking it after a sear.  If I do either I would like to know how to keep it moist even after refrigeration the next day. 


If i brine chicken it keeps that tender moist texture even after refrigerating it and microwaving it. 

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YES ...   The meat is thicker soooo, I would brine it for at least a week and definitely inject.... 

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Brine for a week?


Inject even with a brine?

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Originally Posted by waytoodeep03 View Post

Brine for a week?


Inject even with a brine?



The meat is over 2" thick....   Sugar penetrates up to 10 times slower than salt because of the size of the molecule....  but, all being said, you are welcome to do what ever you wish...

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Dave, curious, could the time be shortened any and still work as well if you put the loin in the brine and put it into a vacuumable container?
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I don't know....  I've never tested it...    I do some injection stuff where I inject every 1.5" all over the meat and it needs 7 days to thoroughly cure...    Curing meat is a chemical reaction that takes time....   like paint drying..   There are chemicals you can add that speed up the curing process...  that's what commercial establishments use...

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Thanks for your thoughts.
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I have a pork loin recipe in my signature line. It stays real moist without brining. You may want to take a look at it.



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No need to brine a pork loin or a chicken to get a moist finished product. The biggest thing to getting your pork loin moist is to not over cook it. 145° is the safe cook temp for pork. If you pull your loin off the heat at 140° wrap in foil and let it rest for 30-45 minutes it will carry over to 145°. The loin will be safely cooked and nice and moist.


If you want to add or modify the flavor of the loin then by all means brine it. No need for a week long brine to achieve additional flavor, unless you are trying to cure it. A vacuum chamber, tumbler, marinater can speed up the absorption of the brine into the meat.

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