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Selling my reverse flow 250 gallon smoker

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Be the life of the party!
This smoker is equipped with everything. It is a reverse flow 250 gallon smoker that is extremely easy to maintain temperature and create great barbecue. To ensure the smoker State Farm valued around 14,000.
Gas burner
Propane tank
Blow torch for starting fire and sterilizing grills
Wood Ben
Chip Soaker
Insulated 15.5 gallon beer keg container
Insulated 2 gallon drink container
Co2 keg system with to tap chrome tower
20 gallon water tank
On demand water pump
Contemporary faucet
Wort cooler with 50 feet of line
600 watt marine-grade stereo system
Marine grade 100 amp hour battery
Charged with wind turbine
Charged with solar panel complete with charge controller
Converter supplying 120 volt
Will operate household appliances
Handmade Mexican whiskey barrel dispenses whiskey shots with electronic button
LED lighting throughout
Storage compartments
Cooling fans for electronics and Kenwood stereo

This smoker was built from plans put online by world champion smoker. This smoker was built in strict specifications to this design. It has 3 racks in the smoker.
The fire box has a lid on top with grill for charcoal grilling.

I have this to priced to sell quick. I'm between jobs must sell fast
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Well I must say that is a fun sounding smoker.
it looks like you are just here to sell your smoker, but some friendly advice may help.

1. Look around, great people here, great advice, perhaps you will see a reason to stay.

2. Everyone will need to know 2 more things at least on your smoker, price and location.

Best wishes

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7900 located in Grand Prairie Texas. Believe me I understand about the people in this forum it was this form that taught me how to build that smoker. I couldn't be more thankful my number is 972-900-9802
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