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new friends!

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Hello new friends! Been enjoying the many articles you have all shared and finally decided to take part in your awesome community.

I got a masterbuilt MES 30 that's a couple years old now. For the first year it really sat in a storage closet after a failed brisket attempt (point end). I got really discouraged I guess lol-

After that I put a little time and effort into researching how to make some great ribs. After countless racks I have really settled into my zone with St Louis and baby backs and now I'm ready to evolve my game a bit. AMNPS is in the mail from amazon as it is highly recommended from the forum so I thought I'd give it a go---maybe some mods in the future- mailbox looks interesting.

My in laws have a herd of cows and after helping butcher I came home with some free range, grass fed, organic beeeeeef. Got a flat, a point, a rib roast (or prime rib as it's affectionately referred to) and a couple slabs of short ribs. Also got a couple other shoulder roasts I might give a go.

I guess the big thing I need to invest in next is a good thermometer for inside the rig. It has the built in one but I don't think it's too reliable. I mean I NEVER clean it Cuz I never use it HA!I'd be surprised if it ain't stuck to the inside permanently.

Thermometer suggestions, recipe ideas around my mentioned cuts, and a general howdy-do are all much appreciated. It's a pleasure to meet you all and thanks for giving my intro thread a look.

Smoker pic coming soon!

--about me--
air force vet
Currently living in new mexico, usa.
Job- im not here to talk about work -lol
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Welcome to SMF!


The most popular therm around here is a Maverick. I have a couple of them & they are very reliable & well built.



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Thanks al! Ill definitely look into that
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