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New to electric smoking.

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Good evening all,


I just received  my mes 30 by fed ex today, and picked up an AMPNS from Cabelas, should be a good weekend.


I was doing the season process and added pellets to the loader the last 45 min, i hear a WOOF that almost blew the loader out,


I opened the unit to find the whole chip pan on fire. So lesson learned already . Many more learning curves to come i am sure.

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Welcome to SMF, Billy!


Congrats on the new smoker!


Now you know why everybody uses an AMNPS for smoke!



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Too many pellets...don't use pellets in the chip tray.  That is why you got the AMNPS

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Ditto.  Remove the chip pan.

Also, MESs are famous for being inaccurate.  Consider using a reliable external thermometer for measuring your IT of your smoker as well as the meat.

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