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First Time Country Style Ribs w/ qview!

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I've been a spectator on these forums for quite some time, trying to gather as much info as possible to start successfully smoking. I picked up some country style ribs for a really good price, and came across a post by Joe Black on the way he does them. He definitely gets all the credit for this one.


So I started with a mustard base, and used a store bought rib rub that we like. Trying to keep my first smoke simple. I wrapped them up in plastic wrap and let them rest on the counter for a few hours while I prepped the smoker.


I'm using a nothing fancy, Outdoor Gourmet smoker/gas grill combo that I picked up at Academy last year. I used charcoal as a base to get things heated up, then strictly pecan after that. I was shooting for a smoker temp of 260 degrees. So I fired the smoker up and let it come up to temperature.


I put the ribs on and let them go for about 3 hours at 260 degrees. Meanwhile, I heated up some sweet baby rays sauce and mixed in apple juice until I got the consistency I was looking for, roughly 50:50. I put the ribs into foil pans and poured the sauce in, filling the pans about half way. I covered them with foil and put them back on for about an hour more.


I pulled them after the hour was up and let them rest for about 30 minutes prior to serving.


These ribs came out great! Thanks again to Joe Black for his technique. Thanks for looking. Any pointers or suggestions always welcome! Now here comes the qview!


IMG_8468.JPG 2,491k .JPG file


IMG_8469.JPG 2,287k .JPG file


IMG_8470.JPG 2,601k .JPG file


IMG_8474.JPG 2,598k .JPG file


IMG_8476.JPG 1,483k .JPG file


IMG_8475.JPG 2,213k .JPG file


IMG_8479.JPG 1,580k .JPG file


IMG_8478.JPG 1,610k .JPG file

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I'm glad they turned out so well!!


Next time use the insert image icon at the top of the text box to upload your photo's. That way you will see photo's instead of  .jpg files.



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I'm really glad your CSR's turned out good for you. All of the pics look real good, especially the plate. I almost jumped through my screen to get a bite. I really appreciate the kind words on my CSR method.

Keep up the good smokin', Joe icon14.gif
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Those CSRs look great. Mouth watering just looking at em................

2 things -

1) What Al said about the pics....

2) You stated that you left them on the counter for several hours. Please be careful about leaving meat out of refrigeration that long. Usually 30-35 minutes is acceptable but several hours can bring all sorts of bad things. Just a note for your future use.....

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Looks good love me some csr's nice and easy to do
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Thanks Al! I was looking for that Insert Image button! Sorry, I'm still trying to figure out how to post on here.

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Thanks for the tip Slipaway! I'll definitely take note for the future.

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Sorry I missed that. Slipaway is right on. Once you slathered with mustard and put the rub on, they should go back in the fridge until you're almost ready to put them on the smoker.
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Those look great!
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Yum!!! That looks awesome! I like the potato salad too!
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